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Crabgrass, often mistakenly called quackgrass, is an unwanted annual grass that invades more and more lawns.


It grows along the sidewalks and subsequently spreads over the
rest of the grass.

When can we detect it?

During the month of June, we see it appear and develop at a surprising speed.


At the end of summer, its ends turn wine red and it becomes even easier to identify.

Can we prevent its appearance?

When the lawn is kept very dense, crabgrass is more difficult to establish.

You must therefore take care to sow grass as needed as soon as your lawn becomes sparse, especially along sidewalks.

You should also mow to three inches and avoid "shaving" the lawn with an edger.

In case of infestation, is there a treatment?

A treatment exists to counter this weed. The product is applied in April and aims to prevent the germination of crabgrass.

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